Privilege Curaçao cancels Girls Take Over party

Late last night the Privilege Curaçao Facebook fan page posted a letter by the foundation’s president (Mr Martha) that they had to cancel the Girls Take Over party. This is the letter they posted:


For the people who don’t speak Dutch: mister Martha states that they had filed for the necessary permits on time. However -due to personnel problems- the fire safety permit wouldn’t be available until one day before the event. This wouldn’t give the organization enough time to file for the permit they need from the police so the permit situation won’t allow for the party to take place.

This news caused one of their biggest sponsors to back out of the deal they had with Privilege so -since Privilege needed this sponsor for the party- they decided to cancel the event.

They apologize for the cancellation and they hope that they will get another chance in the future to organize another event. In the status update they posted with the letter they do say that they will reschedule it for some time soon.

We think it’s a real shame that this party is not going to happen. We’re fans of Carita La Niña and loved the rest of the line-up too. We wonder what kind of deal they made and if the DJ’s & MC’s who were going to be there will be compensated. Apparently Privilege Curaçao is a foundation so there’s not going to be a lot of money there to pay them their fees, especially when one of the main sponsors has backed out. SMH


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