Sean Paul Concert Postponed

Today the people of Unique Productions announced that Sean Paul’s concerts in Curaçao (Jan 24) and Aruba (Jan 25) have been postponed till sometime in April 2014.

Apparently they could not get the necessary permits for his performance in Aruba in time and Sean Paul doesn’t want to come to the Caribbean for only 1 concert.

Sean Paul in Curacao and Aruba Postponed


This is what Unique Productions posted on Facebook today:


Unfortunately, the management of Concert Group announced that we have to postpone Curaçao and Aruba concerts by Sean Paul due that the permit for Aruba has not been obtained in Aruba.

In consultation with management, we will meet this week with a new date and make this known. Sean Paul does not want to do a single show but his policy is 2 show at the same time.

Sean Paul does not want to loose one-off show in Barcelona and is not willing to come to the Caribbean to perform only in Curaçao.

The shows are moved to April 2014. We hope for your support in April and hereby again express our deepest apologizes.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you in April 2014!

It’s a real shame that this concert has to be postponed due to something as silly as permits. It’s not the first time that events that are good for tourism have to be cancelled because permits either take too long to process or are not given out at all (remember the Gay Pride?).

We’ll just have to trust that Unique Productions will keep their word and arrange the concert for April because we know many people were psyched about this one. Good luck Unique!

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