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New Miss Universe Curaçao – Eline de Pool!

Promotion campaigns on Facebook, photo sessions, tv performances and lots of different opinions. Yes folks it was that time of the year again; the Miss Universe Curaçao pageant was ON. Six beautiful young girls from our island with all one goal: winning that beautiful shining crown, the title and the opportunity to represent the island of Curaçao in Russia.

Miss Universe Curaçao pageant
All six misses, picture by Theo Meijer Photography

Last night the big finale was held at the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort and on our Facebook news feeds we saw people speaking out for their favorite. Stephany Francisca was the favorite, a talented and experienced model who made quite the impression at the Caribbean’s Next Top Model competition in Trinidad (1st runner up). She did an amazing job on stage -according to many- with so much style and grace. But what can you expect with so much experience? Continue reading

Prince & The New Power Generation in Curaçao

When management of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival announced that Usher had cancelled (bummer!) and that Prince would take his place (YAY!) we definitely lost our cool in Curaçao. People raced to get tickets for the festival, talked about it on social media to no end and the anticipation for the festival heightened like never before.

And the show was great..!

When we arrived at the festival grounds Luis Miguel had just started on the main stage and the place was packed so we enjoyed him from a distance but when he finished and the crowd dispersed we went to stake our spot in front of the stage, 90 minutes before the show would start.

When the hour neared the crowd grew larger and larger. I’m quite tall (~2 meters) so I usually try to hang back a bit at concerts or try to stand to the side but not this time. When the first anticipated question came (‘You are so tall, can I scoot in front of you?’) I explained to everyone behind me that we had been waiting for more than an hour already and if I let one person in front of me then the next would come and I’d be all the way in the back in no time, but not this time!  Surprisingly, they all smiled and nodded their heads. 🙂

And then the big little man himself came on stage accompanied by a swinging brass section, 3 amazing background/foreground singers and of course the 3RD EYE GIRL rock women on guitar, bass and drums. That was the beginning of 75 minutes of pure and utter funktastic bliss! Continue reading