Campo Alegre

Campo Alegre Curacao
Seru Fortuneweg z/n
Tel: (+5999) 868 8422

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  • Campo Alegre

    Officially Campo Alegre is an adult resort but it’s better known as one of the biggest brothels in the Caribbean.

    Campo is a special place where men can enter 24/7 (18+ of course) and women are only allowed on Tuesdays because that’s Ladies Night. Its main function is a brothel of course but you’ll find that many people also just come here to have a good time without ‘partaking’.

    It’s all strictly legal and they often organize special parties as well. Their Halloween parties in particular are famous throughout the Caribbean.

    EDIT: Campo Alegre is currently closed until formalities have been concluded.

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    17 thoughts on “Campo Alegre

    1. Bob Peck

      How much is the charge allow her to leave CAMPO for the evening or night … I have heard their is a “FINE” if she leaves from 6PM to 6 AM correct..

      Can you help with this question…. So I will have correct amount of cash with me. Or do you take any other form of payment for this?

      1. Joost Post author

        Hi Bob,
        We wouldn’t be able to give you a 100% sure answer on this. It would be best to contact Campo directly. You can find their contact details on this page.
        Good luck,

      1. Joost Post author

        Hola Juan,
        Para esto, sería mejor contactar a Campo directamente. Puede encontrar sus detalles de contacto en esta página.

    2. Tom

      I am stopping in Willinstead, on a cruise ship, are there any “brothels|” within walking distance of the dock?

    3. Anadolores carvajal

      Hola soy colombiana y me sueño es aser parte de esta en presa para travajar por misueños ypor misijos y mi madre kiero aseerles su casa soy una persona muy umilde y kiero ser parte de de esta en presa y kiero viajar si Dios kiere en enero


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