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Hardwell cancels gigs in Curaçao & Aruba

Boom Entertainment had been promoting their Greenzone Presents Hardwell event for some time and they even held a press conference earlier this week to announce that the DJ would spend his holiday in Curaçao. But then the news came from Anna Agency that Hardwell had to cancel due to health reasons.

Apparently starting September 2 Hardwell has to take 2 weeks of absolute rest and all his gigs during this period have been cancelled. This means that he won’t be able to attend Electric Festival in Aruba -where he was one of the headliners- nor Greenzone where he was the only headliner.

hardwell-cancels-sm Continue reading

CNSJF Artists on Twitter and Facebook

We have all these artists coming to the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival and everyone wants to go see them, if they can afford it. But besides the opportunity for the people in Curaçao and the tourists to see great artists it is also a great opportunity for our island to create awareness abroad. Especially now with all these social media what-nots the potential for exposure to millions of people is just insane.

So, if you’re one of those people who wants to keep an eye on what the artists are saying about Curaçao, we’ve compiled this little list for you of the Facebook and Twitter accounts of all the artists scheduled for the festival. Continue reading

Pictures of last weekend

We don’t have a party photography section on the website yet, so for the time being we’ll have to do it like this. Just click on the pictures below to go to the full photo album of the event.

Caribbean Apres Ski at Bermuda Curaçao


Lucky Friday at Bermuda Curaçao


Ladies Night at Club Private


Belaire Bottle Night at Cabana Beach


Party Crashers at Bermuda Curaçao


Jordaan Festival at Hemingway Beach Restaurant



Prince to perform at Curaçao North Sea Jazz 2013

Prince to perform at CNSJFHis Purple Highness is coming to the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival!!!! If we were little girls we’d be squealing right about now! 😀

As long time fans of His Royal Badness we have been hoping every year that he would be part of the line-up and every year we were disappointed, but all is forgiven now!!

The reason why he’s coming to the CNSJF is that Usher had to cancel his performance ‘due to personal circumstances’. It probably has to do with the pool accident of his son and all the commotion around that (like his ex-wife suing him for custody) so we wish him all the best in dealing with this!

You can find the official press release as well as information about possible refunds on the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival website

Almost ready to go live

So you’ve spent all that time on building a website, you’ve talked to the PR people, added the first bunch of venues and events, created the social media accounts, etcetera, etcetera. And then you have to write something in this blog…

Let’s just say ‘hi, welcome to the Curaçao Party Guide’ 🙂
Our goal for this website is to become the definitive source for events in Curaçao. If you’re looking for a party, we want your first thought to be that you just have to check the Party Guide and you’ll be set for the night.

When we go live we won’t have all the bells and whistles yet. We’ll be adding a bell here and a whistle there the coming weeks and we’re very open to suggestions (yes, even criticism) so if there’s a specific feature you want, just let us know!

You can find our email addresses in the About Us, you can post a comment on this blog post and you can hit us up on Facebook & Twitter. Heck, if you send us some smoke signals we’ll accept those as well, as long they’re digital 😉 Don’t be shy!