Hardwell cancels gigs in Curaçao & Aruba

Boom Entertainment had been promoting their Greenzone Presents Hardwell event for some time and they even held a press conference earlier this week to announce that the DJ would spend his holiday in Curaçao. But then the news came from Anna Agency that Hardwell had to cancel due to health reasons.

Apparently starting September 2 Hardwell has to take 2 weeks of absolute rest and all his gigs during this period have been cancelled. This means that he won’t be able to attend Electric Festival in Aruba -where he was one of the headliners- nor Greenzone where he was the only headliner.


Electric Festival has not made any statements yet about his attendance yet. They have enough other top DJ’s to just continue with the event but Boom Entertainment’s event in Curaçao has been cancelled. In a statement on their fan page Alain Voigt says that anyone who’s already bought a ticket will get a refund and they are working on setting a new date for the event.

Boom Entertainment also posted the letter that Anna Agency sent in which they specifically mention that this is in no way Alain Voigt’s or Boom’s fault and that they have always appreciated working with Alain. A very friendly touch of theirs!

We, of course, wish Hardwell the best of luck with his health and hope to see him again in Curaçao sometime soon!

Update Aug 27: Electric Festival has officially confirmed that Hardwell also had to cancel EF.