Curaçao and Kokomo EDM Anthem by Hall & Zanfa

We can’t believe we missed this earlier this month but German producer duo Hall & Zanfa (RBMC), consisting of Marco Zanfardino and Bernd Hall, produced EDM anthems for Curaçao and for Kokomo Beach!

Curacao EDM Anthem by Hall & Zanfa

Apparently they got inspired when they were in Curaçao last year for a vacation and a gig and couldn’t let go of the feeling. So they channeled that inspiration into the creation of these two tracks.

In an email Marco Zanfardino wrote: “The island’s dance music is all about EDM with great events like Full Moon Party and Amnesia Curaçao. Our songs fit perfectly into the genre and we hope that you like the feeling we wanted to create with our music. And we hope that you can identify yourself and the island with the rhythm we chose.”

We can’t speak for everyone in Curaçao of course but we love both tracks. In them we can really feel the vibe of the parties on our island; they’re happy, upbeat and different. We hope one of the local promoters will bring these guys back so they can perform and tweak them live!

And it looks like the people of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) agree with our opinion because the Curaçao track will feature on an official ADE compilation! Now how’s that for promoting our EDM scene?! 😀

If you’ve become inspired as well, you can buy both tracks on Beatport for just $ 1.99 each!

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