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at Veneto Curaçao
Love 2 Dance 2

I Love to Dance is back with a 2nd edition at the Daiquiri Piano Bar in the Veneto Casino! This time they bring Dolce ft. DjuDju V and Daiquiri ft Gigi.

Roaring Twenties at Omundo Curacao

Come on back to the era of the Charleston and the flapper girls with DJ Rinku at Omundo’s Roaring Twenties party.

Mingle and enjoy the fine tunes of Gino Coelho and Gilmar Fraites during a 2-hour happy hour at the bar of Bistro le Clochard.

at Vegas 360
Groove Tronic at Vegas 360 Curacao

Groove Tronic is back at Vegas 360 with edition 2.0 and host Mr Kal El!

at Curaçao
Underground Party Curacao

The details are sketchy at best but apparently it’s an underground party at a secret location and the location will not be revealed until the very last moment…

at Landhuis Brievengat
Grand opening Landhuis Brievengat Curacao

After being closed for 15 years, the completely renovated Landhuis Brievengat invites everyone to come enjoy their grand opening!

Canadian Country Rocker John Morgan and his band will be playing their album titled “The Little Things”.

at Cabana Beach

Friday night is Cabana Night! Every Friday Cabana Beach is turned from a beach restaurant into a steamy mass of happy people. Every Friday specials on bottle service, live music and a great DJ.

Frank Friday Afternoon Drinks at Bermuda Curacao

Start your weekend right with Frank – Friday Afternoon Drink – and then dance away the week at night!

Rainbow Lounge in Curacao

All open minded people are welcome to mix and mingle and meet new people at the lounge of Floris Suite Hotel. Come early for your complimentary drinks and fingerfood! Make sure you’re here at 6 PM!

Imagine yourself in a European bar after a hard day of skying. Parties are hard and hangovers are guaranteed!! 2 areas open (open-air & inside)

Ladies, are you in for some great music with ‘Sabor Latino’? It’s Ladies Night and all the ladies get a free drink. Come dance the night away on Gino Coelho’s Latin hits!

Billeshake Twerk Contest Cinco Curacao

Every Thursday night Club Cinco organizes a twerking contest in which the best girl/group can win 1,000 Nafl.

at Zanzibar
Zanzibar Unplugged live music in Curacao

Just sit back, relax and listen to the acoustic tunes of some of Curaçao’s finest live musicians while sipping your drink or enjoying a small bite.

at St Tropez
Gipsy Night at St Tropez Curaçao

Every Wednesday night St Tropez Oceanclub is transformed into a Spanish eatery with homemade Sangria, Spanish music and original tapas.

at TMC Cafe
TMF Karaoke Night Curacao

Wednesday night is Karaoke Night at TMF Cafe. Best performance wins 100 Nafl and the coveted TMF Karaoke award!

You are invited to Bubbles & Beauties, every Wednesday with band from 7PM at Mambo Beach. Enjoy the vibe with Josje & Angela and their great band.

Watch a different movie every week on a big screen while lying in a lounger on the beach.

at Club Cinco

DJ Carlito starts your week at Club Cinco with We <3 Tuesdays! Buy your cup at the door and drink for free between 9PM & 10PM.

Back to the Classics Curacao

As of Monday November 4th, DE Kroeg will also open their doors on Mondays with a medley of the best songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s by DJ DEK!

at New York
Sunday Brunch at New York Curacao

Enjoy a family brunch every Sunday at New York Curaçao.

at Santa Barbara Resort
Unique so Chic Bingo

Win big prizes in the category of Luis Vuitton & Michael Kors bags with this chic, fashionable bingo night for ladies and gentlemen.

at Wet & Wild
Wet & Wild Happy Hour Curacao

THE happy hour of Curaçao is the Sunday Happy Hour at Wet & Wild. Three bars on the beach, a DJ at the turn tables and hundreds of happy people celebrating the last night of the weekend.

at Miles Jazz Cafe
Perfect Fourth at Miles Jazz Cafe Curacao

The gentlemen of Perfect Fourth, led by Roderick Volk, will perform their smooth latin jazz at Miles Jazz Cafe

Gipsy, Jewis and Opera in Curacao

Eva Weertman (Violin) and Eugene Harvey (Piano) bring you an evening with classical music by Gipsy, Jewish and Opera composers.

Cocktails and soulful music, classics, UK Garage, NU Jazz, Funk, Urban and to complete the evening; an encore of Deep House.

Happy Hour Zanzibar Curacao

THE happy hour on Saturdays is the happy hour at Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant from 5 till 6. Every week they have a different (local) live band to liven up the party so everybody stays after the happy hour finishes.

at Curaloe Plantation
Christmas Fair at Curacao Aloe Plantation

Do your Christmas shopping early and buy honest, natural gifts at the Curaloe Christmas Art, Craft & Food Fair.

at Pirate Bay
Student Happy Hour at Pirate Bay Curaçao

Get your Saturday started at Pirate Bay with a special afternoon happy hour for students only with DJ’s Davy Djonesz and Ekid.

at Bermuda
Chemical Love at Bermuda Curacao

Pumping beats, warehouse rave & Chemical Love in Bermuda’s inside area.

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