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at Omundo
Omundo Tuesdays happy hour at Omundo Curacao

Every Tuesday night a piano man comes on stage, backed by local vocal talents and a DJ.

at Vanilla
Latin Lounge at Club Spoonz Curacao

Every 1st Tuesday of the month Latin Lounge dances the night away with bachata, salsa and kizomba music.

at Spoonz
Bella Monday at Club Spoonz Curacao

Dutch party collective Bella Monday is in Curaçao with a bunch or their regular DJ’s so of course they’ll throw down here as well.

at Madero
DJ at the Pool at Madero Ocean Club Curacao

Join the beautiful people at Madero’s pool every Sunday and relax to a chill vibe.

Kokomo Family Day at Kokomo Beach Curacao

Sunday is family day at Kokomo Beach.

at Wet & Wild
Wet & Wild Happy Hour Curacao

THE happy hour of Curaçao is the Sunday Happy Hour at Wet & Wild. 

at Hemingway Beach Bar
Los Compadres salsa at Hemingway Curacao

On Sunday we dance on the beach with local salsa & merengue band Los Compadres.

at Santa Barbara Resort
Fuik Day at Santa Barbara Resort Curacao

Didn’t find a spot on a boat for Fuik Dag? Drive on up to Santa Barbara and enjoy the biggest boat party around from the beach!

Fuik Dag Curacao

Fuik Dag is Curaçao’s yearly recurring boat party in Fuik Bay on the first Sunday of the year with boats, booze and DJ’s.

Latin Nights at Emporio Curacao

On Saturdays Emporio pulls out all the stops to get people on the floor dancing to sweet Latin and Urban tunes.

at Mojitos & Bites
Urban Night at Mojitos and Bites Curacao

Every Saturday night Mojitos & Bites turns into an Urban walhalla with DJ Carlito, MC Hype, and friends.

Curacao Carnival Village 2018 at Kleine Werf Curacao

The grand opening of Curaçao Carnival 2018 starts with a big bang!

May Peters at Miles Jazz Cafe Curacao

Miles fixture Mick de Boer has invited Jazz & Latin trombone player May Peters for a session at Miles Jazz Cafe.

Dos hora loca at Floris Suite Hotel Curacao

Floris Suite Hotel’s gay happy hour is 2 hours of cheap drinks, friendly people, and enjoying a pool-side sunset.

Team Winklaar Gives Back in Curacao

IFBB Pro’s Roelly & Quincy Winklaar want to help our local youth to become more interested in sports so they organized this sports day.

at Fuik
Fuik Dag Curacao

Get a head start on Fuik Day at the same location, just 24 hours before.

at Mood Beach
Sunset Mood at Mood Beach Curacao

Every Saturday Mood Beach gets their guests in the mood with live music or DJ’s to celebrate the sunset.

Happy Hour Zanzibar Curacao

THE happy hour on Saturdays is the happy hour at Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant from 5 till 6. 

Robertico at Hemingway Curacao

Every Saturday night piano man Tico Roberto lights up the beach with his friends to get you out of your chair and on the dance floor.

Roots Rock Reggae at Club 27 Curacao

Uprising brings a full night of classic- and original reggae to 27.

at Cabana Beach
Locura closing party at Cabana Beach Curacao

Finish off 2 weeks of epic parties in Curaçao at the closing party of the Holidays party season.

at Rif Fort
Juni Juliet at Rif Fort Curacao

Juni Juliet will perform LIVE on the Rif Fort stage with his piano every Saturday. Come with family and friend to this spectacular performance!

Su Legria at Kleine Werf Curacao

One of the classic and most-anticipated parties of the holidays party season in Curaçao was regrettably cancelled. 

Odyssea with Firebeatz at Madero Ocean Club Curacao

Su’Legria brings an ode to the sea at Madero Ocean Club.

at Hemingway Beach Bar
Uprising at Hemingway Beach Bar Curacao

Every Friday night local reggae band Uprising plays Hemingway Beach Bar.

C est la via with Don James at Club Vanilla Curacao

Don James brings the heat tonight at Club Vanilla.

at Emporio
We Love Fridays at Emporio Curacao

Spend your Friday night dancing to salsa, merengue, and bachata at Emporio.

Nachtwerk x Intense at Club 1850 Curacao

Nachtwerk and Intense team up for a happy new year party and they have invited Paul Elstak and others!

Gino and Friends at Rif Fort Curacao

Have dinner at one of the various restaurants in the Rif Fort and then dance the night away with Gino & Friends!

27 live Blue Blood at 27 Curacao

The new local band Blue Blood bring blues, rock, and classics to 27 tonight.

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