Events - September 1, 2013

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Join fellow underwater enthusiasts for a full week of lionfish-laden adventures! This trip will be co-hosted by Peter Hughes and REEF’s Director of Special Projects, Lad Akins.

at RenaissanceBaden Powellweg 1

The official after party of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival. Keep the party going with Questlove, DJ RO-1 (aka Zoontje) & the Jazz Pool Band. 

at New YorkBapor Kibra
Sunday Brunch at New York Curacao

Enjoy a family brunch every Sunday at New York Curaçao.

Fuik Dag Curacao

What better way to celebrate your best hangover of the year, than with a sunny day on the water?

at Santa Barbara ResortSanta Barbara Plantation

The official closing act of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival is the Jay Blues Band on the beach of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curaçao.

at Kokomo BeachVaerssenbaai

Kokomo Beach hosts an UNofficial Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival after party with some of the best blues & rock on our island with Ginger, Plane, the big Arjen & Wietze show and Diverse Sauzen.

at JPFPlantersrust 3

Enjoy an evening of easy jazz, a jam session and a BBQ at the club house of the Suriname community in Curaçao on the day after the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival.

at Wet & WildSeaquarium Beach
Wet & Wild Happy Hour Curacao

THE happy hour of Curaçao is the Sunday Happy Hour at Wet & Wild. Three bars on the beach, a DJ at the turn tables and hundreds of happy people celebrating the last night of the weekend.